Monday, 16 March 2015

A rare Divit visit

Not around the Divit much these days but on visiting recently I found my second Pheasant - is this a release time for heasants I wonder? Also a lot of people working around the quarry as they re-open it for working this year. Great (?!)

Monday, 2 March 2015

Turkey, late Feb 2005

Istanbul - Büyükçekmece

3 Flamingos - possibly same as were here last October

Barn Owl not playing nice for the camera

Falcon sp!

Pallas's Gull

Flooded fields

Syrian Woodpecker


BH Gulls

Great Egret

Lots of snow = lots of water

Harbour Black-necked Grebe guaranteed in winter

Pochard, Tufty, Teal, Mallard. Nothing fancy

Adana region - Tuzla

Kentish Plovers and .. erm ... Little Stints? Sanderling?

Distant Pied Kingfishers

Distant Pallas's Gull, various Anas spp and Caspian Tern

Greater Sand Plovers

BW Stilts

Caspian Tern giving me a break!

Avocet & Ruff

Slender-billed Gulls

Flamingos and Coot

Various Seyhan riverside from Tabaklar to Adana
Pied Kingfisher

White-throated Kingfisher

Back to Karatas briefly

Seaside Ruff beside scabby pool

Cattle Egret

Token Marsh Harrier shot - they're everywhere

Pumping Station Kulak, Adana-Karatas road 

Pumping station beauty at Kulak. The birds loved it!

Long-legged Buzzard

Back to Büyükçekmece

The quarry area, with high water level

Stonechat - a winter bird here it seems

Long-staying Flamingos

Med Gull - not so many around yet apparently

Resident Pygmy Cormorant
Cemetery Long-eared Owls, Büyükçekmece

Friday, 13 February 2015


Ring-billed Gull at Townhill Loch - my first new bird in Fife for three years! Admittedly this is mostly down to lack of effort, but this one was so close it was a lunchtime trip.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Will I? Won't I?

Am I up for trying another year of patch watching the Divit? On the 5th of January I haven't visited once ... yet

Can I resist, or will I be sucked into it? Seems a shame not to really, but last year was so disappointing that it's hard to get up for it. Maybe I need some sort of January booster to lift the enthusiasm.

I have no pics from January. Because I haven't been, obviously ...