Thursday, 4 December 2014


A lovely wintery day at the Divit with a couple of RT Divers and a few GC Grebes on the river. 4 Little Grebes in the harbour told the story of the 1 degree temperature. Teal were present in small numbers too but no sign of any Dunlin so far.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Grey Phalaropes

It's 14:35 on Friday the 14th.Three Grey Phalaropes have been seen flying towards Inverkeithing Harbour from Dalgety Bay where the first was picked up earlier this afternoon. It will be dark shortly, and I guess I won't be seeing them. Not today anyway.

Lucky I already have it on my Divit list!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sunrise over Arthur's Seat

Another slow vismig day in easterlies, but an amazing dawn and a nice Kingfisher


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Istanbul year list

I notice today that my Istanbul year list far surpasses my Inverkeithing list (and probably my British list since I bird only locally). An incoplete listing because of records not yet entered:

1 Mute Swan
2 Common Shelduck
3 Eurasian Wigeon
4 Mallard
5 Northern Shoveler
6 Garganey
7 Green-winged Teal
8 Common Quail
9 Little Grebe
10 Great Crested Grebe
11 Greater Flamingo
12 Black Stork
13 White Stork
14 Great Cormorant
15 Pygmy Cormorant
16 Great White Pelican
17 Gray Heron
18 Purple Heron
19 Great Egret
20 Little Egret
21 Squacco Heron
22 Black-crowned Night-Heron
23 Glossy Ibis
24 Eurasian Spoonbill
25 Short-toed Eagle
26 Lesser Spotted Eagle
27 Eurasian Marsh-Harrier
28 Northern Goshawk
29 Eurasian Moorhen
30 Eurasian Coot
31 Black-winged Stilt
32 Pied Avocet
33 Little Ringed Plover
34 Green Sandpiper
35 Common Greenshank
36 Wood Sandpiper
37 Common Redshank
38 Eurasian Curlew
39 Ruff
40 Dunlin
41 Little Stint
42 Black-headed Gull
43 Little Gull
44 Mediterranean Gull
45 Yellow-legged Gull
46 Lesser Black-backed Gull
47 Black Tern
48 White-winged Tern
49 Whiskered Tern
50 Common Tern
51 Sandwich Tern
52 Rock Pigeon
53 European Turtle-Dove
54 Eurasian Collared-Dove
55 Laughing Dove
56 Common Cuckoo
57 Alpine Swift
58 Common Swift
59 Common Kingfisher
60 European Bee-eater
61 European Roller
62 Eurasian Hoopoe
63 Eurasian Wryneck
64 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
65 Syrian Woodpecker
66 Gray-headed Woodpecker
67 Lesser Kestrel
68 Eurasian Kestrel
69 Eurasian Hobby
70 Red-backed Shrike
71 Lesser Gray Shrike
72 Woodchat Shrike
73 Eurasian Golden Oriole
74 Eurasian Jay
75 Eurasian Magpie
76 Eurasian Jackdaw
77 Hooded Crow
78 Common Raven
79 Calandra Lark
80 Crested Lark
81 Sky Lark
82 Bank Swallow
83 Barn Swallow
84 Red-rumped Swallow
85 Common House-Martin
86 Great Tit
87 Eurasian Blue Tit
88 Eurasian Penduline-Tit
89 Long-tailed Tit
90 Short-toed Treecreeper
91 Eurasian Wren
92 Cetti's Warbler
93 Willow Warbler
94 Common Chiffchaff
95 Eurasian Reed-Warbler
96 Great Reed-Warbler
97 Blackcap
98 Greater Whitethroat
99 Spotted Flycatcher
100 European Robin
101 Common Nightingale
102 Semicollared Flycatcher
103 Common Redstart
104 Whinchat
105 Northern Wheatear
106 Eurasian Blackbird
107 Song Thrush
108 European Starling
109 Western Yellow Wagtail
110 Gray Wagtail
111 White Wagtail
112 Tawny Pipit
113 Tree Pipit
114 Ortolan Bunting
115 Black-headed Bunting
116 Corn Bunting
117 Common Chaffinch
118 European Goldfinch
119 Hawfinch
120 House Sparrow
121 Spanish Sparrow
122 Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Whoop, whoop!

3 Whoopers upstream then north this morning. Also three Redpolls. I almost forgot they existed. What a quiet year it's been

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Diminishing returns

Three years' worth of vismig totals showing the declining returns, in line with declining hours, of vismig totals from Inverkeithing. There are various reasons for the decline in hours, but this year the easterlies meant the birds just weren't there - not even the seabird bonus you might expect from easterlies. I saw less than 10 skuas so far this year! Who knows how I will feel about it next year. Maybe a good start will invigorate my efforts. Hopefully there's still something to be seen this year before season close.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Sunday 12th October

Magical misty morning at Inverkeithing with my biggest ever morning count of Alba Wags (221) in two hours from 7:30. Sunrise was 7:38 - allegedly!

As far as I could see on arrival

Misty Magpie

Jackdaws pause to get their bearings

Flypast Curlew

One of 4 Swallows


Rooks also pausing for thought

Some of 134 Starlings that shot past

Pied Wags

One flock of 45 Lapwings


Four late Gannets also emerged briefly

Friday, 10 October 2014

Mistle Thrushes!

Slow start to the morning with dribs and drabs of individual birds but then the MIstle Thrush started to come through. Largest flock was the last at 8:45 which had 54 birds in it - by itself it would have made the top 5! Also good were Starlings, which came through in groups of 5-7, and Song Thrush, of which I saw 12 fly through.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


During a mediocre late mig watch with none of the expected seabirds I noticed Black-headed Gulls and Magpies all focussed on one spot. What on earth could they have as a common interest? I skirted round to see if maybe there was an Owl or something in the trees. To my surprise the focus of their attention was an Otter feeding on the rocks - not a bad result and maybe my best vismig result of the year!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Ducking and Diving

Started this morning off witha flock of largish birds coming through the mist from the east. I hoped that they would turn towards me rather than away, and lo and behold 42 Red-throated Divers emerged in a flock, calling and circling before disappearing again. The place was swarming with Swallows, with a few House Martins thrown in. Additional cast included first autumn Mistle Thrush, a smallish portion of Mipits, and a nice species addition to the year list in the form of Tufted Ducks.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Skuas at last

First skuas of the year finally - thought at first they were Long-tailed but I couldn't persist in the belief and accepted they were Arctics in the end. Nice numbers of Mipits and Grey Wags, with both ahead of their normal numbers (see charts).

Goosander flypast

4th September - coming from the east they headed straight for the harbour

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ducky day

Should have got out earlier this morning but we were waiting for a delivery at home. Mercifully my lovely wife waved me off with a "Don't be late" and waited while I headed for the watchpoint.

In still air, perhaps the slightest of easterlies, there wasn't a lot doing, although there were steady Mipits and hirundines, as well as a lovely big flock of Goldfinches decisively moving for a change. There was, of course, a blogging flock that varied in size throughout the hour, presumably recruiting and leaking birds continuously.

A flock of Teal came off the river and flew inland north. Another flew around and settled in the bay, and a mixed flock of mostly Wigeon came up the river and went off west without hesitation. I love the duck season, though it always makes me wish I wasn't coming into work for 9. It doesn't last many days and it usually continues on through the morning at least. I still need Shoveler, so every flock gets as much grilling as I can to see if it has any interesting tag-alongs.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ringed Herring Gull

I saw this Herring Gull  on the same small stretch of beach last April, which seems a very long time ago now. It was ringed in Northumberland, but I guess has found a home in Fife, or at least likes to holiday regularly

(Herring Gull with orange colour ring, 1214 was ringed on the 16th December 2004 on Ellington Road landfill, near Ashington, Northumberland (grid reference NZ2589) as a second winter bird, with metal BTO ring number GN77243)

Green Sand at Cullaloe

Routine passage of Mipits at Inverkeithing this morning and one Kingfisher on rocks at Stone Marine. Dropped into Cullaloe to find a Green Sand - the same one? Maybe. Other than that nothing unusual to report.

Divit pics:

Monday, 1 September 2014

A good start to the month this morning with a nice collection of movers, mostly of the anticipated species. A good start to the Grey Wagtail season, although there are already a few on the scoreboard. Also finches could prove interesting with some nice Chaffinch and Greenfinch this morning. Also in the mix were a nice couple of Ravens, which I underexposed sadly - such a hard species to photograph.

Also of note, we are into September and still not a single Skua! Maybe the weather's nice up north and there's going to be a rush later on, fingers crossed.

Swallows over the water

Typical late summer Sandwich Terns in small numbers



Swallow flypast

Over the water, as most were

Chaffinch forging ahead