Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ducky day

Should have got out earlier this morning but we were waiting for a delivery at home. Mercifully my lovely wife waved me off with a "Don't be late" and waited while I headed for the watchpoint.

In still air, perhaps the slightest of easterlies, there wasn't a lot doing, although there were steady Mipits and hirundines, as well as a lovely big flock of Goldfinches decisively moving for a change. There was, of course, a blogging flock that varied in size throughout the hour, presumably recruiting and leaking birds continuously.

A flock of Teal came off the river and flew inland north. Another flew around and settled in the bay, and a mixed flock of mostly Wigeon came up the river and went off west without hesitation. I love the duck season, though it always makes me wish I wasn't coming into work for 9. It doesn't last many days and it usually continues on through the morning at least. I still need Shoveler, so every flock gets as much grilling as I can to see if it has any interesting tag-alongs.

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