Monday, 3 February 2014

Little and Large

Ravens at two different locations this weekend - first at Carlingnose Point, and then in the Cullaloe Hills. Only the beginning of February and I've seen Ravens at four different locations in fife this year. At the other end of the scale I managed to snag a wee Goldcrest at Cullaloe LNR. Not as nice as its exotic cousin in Dalgety bay, but nice all the same.


  1. Hey hey - that will please the taxonomists - were you aware you have two species now adjacent on the British List*?! To follow the sequence down you now need that Firecrest, then Penduline Tit, Blue Tit, etc - some easier than others...


    1. Heh! Maybe I should go and look for that Firecrest in Dalgety Bay after all. Penduline Tit could prove tricky though...