Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Collared Dove

On a quiet but pleasant morning at the Divit not much was happening in mild SE winds. It occurred to me that I hadn't recorded Collared Dove. I went looking for one in the harbour area and lo-and-behold there's one displaying over the harbour. Splendid.On the other hand I have only recorded 56 spp in March, and am ten down on the year. I'll need to investgate what's been missed but that's a long way behind for March! I know at least last year I fluked into Tree Sparrows and Redpolls early on, and maybe also Reed Bunting. I'm not overly concerned about that type of stuff because I will get it no problem later. Still a few days left to snag a Grey Phal...

On a review of March records there's nothing of any concern missing. Sand Martin might arrive in March, still time for a "different" grebe, and many other species which I am pretty certain of. No worries.

I also found some nice Red Dead-nettles beside the path, and a White-legged Snake Millipede crossing it.

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