Monday, 25 August 2014


Curious way to start the post, I suppose, but this is the view from that great mig watchpoint at the south of Sweden. Close flyers included Osprey, Marsh Harrier and Honey Buzzard (a couple out of several hundred!), Sparrowhawk and Kestrel. Those are only the raptors in a steady stream of pipits, wagtails, hirundines, swifts, ducks, waders ... what a place! Shame about the earliness in the season but I'm sure in peak times it's outrageous. The Honeys were mostly headed high SW towards Denmark, but a couple made their way to the end of the point at least. We did miss a black kite, but since I only had bins with me and I've seen one or two black kites (!) I wasn't that upset about it.

Falsterbo itself is an easy half hour drive south of Malmo where we stayed, and you can park easily close to the action,. In fact there was a significant watch just at the entrance to the town on some flat land - maybe a better location for raptor watching in some weather conditions? Don't know but there were 20+ scopes in action there.

Here on the golf course there was the added bonus of small sandy islands which pulled in some Godwit (Bar-t), Dunlin, Common Sand, Lapwing. Wigeon and Shoveler were there as were Shelduck. Lots of Cormorant moved south but migrants? up here I have no idea - maybe. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours anyway. Lerz agreed, as she spent much of the time napping on the warm grass out of the wind!

Apart from the species make-up there was a lot of familiar features - similar plant life, and birding around the edge of links golf!

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