Monday, 17 December 2012

Ground Zero

Home patch - Hill of Beath

My home patch, here incorporating a fair amount of pasture and arable land, has accumulated a total of 59 (yes, fifty-nine) species in about 17 years. Most of these are entirely predictable.The most notable exception is probably a Sandwich Tern which called as it flew over my garden in the darkness. Other one-time records are Wheatear, Grey Partridge, Peregrine and Crossbill (another garden flyover). The one thing it does have going for it is being one of my two reliable Woodcock sites in the county.

Dalbeath Marsh LNR (Link), which I haven't visited since it became an LNR. Held about 15 species this weekend:

Dalbeath Marsh LNR

I won't be including this in any patch watch challenges, but there are a couple of decent high (150/220m) vismig spots available which ought to stretch the list a bit, albeit they take a bit of walking. Here's how they all fit together (including Dalgety bay for completeness) ...

Hill of Beath, Cullaloe, Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing

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