Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Bay, Green Sand dip

Went to Dalgety Bay the other day to see if there was still a Green Sand there, but it was nowhere to be seen - it's a pretty busy corner for the likes of a Green Sand to be hanging around for any time, especially when the path is flooded and people are going off-piste to get around. All I got in the same place was this scabby pigeon. Not even a good picture. Well, there were some other things around, but I saw nothing else of note besides perhaps some Wigeon. Dunlin numbers looked quite good, c.100.

not a Green Sand

It did make me think though of how you would "score" a birding experience. Missing a bird you "need" on a local patch is a negative score, but how much depends on which list it's missing from and how much you prioritise that list. Going birding in any case is always worth at least +1 point.

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