Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Divit Grey Wags

Dropped into Cullaloe this morning (and last night) and no Green Sand for me. No worries - it won't be the last this season unless it's a very odd year. Nothing much else of interest was happening there either.

At Inverkeithing in the almost still air there was a bit of movement, with the expected levels and species involved - a couple of Grey Wags, a Tree Pipit (and maybe a couple more indistinctly heard), and a blogging Common Sand.

I did do a quick check whether there were still the exquisitely named Stinking Iris in the mouth of Prestonhill Quarry, and there they were, about to burst open. Wish I'd remembered when they were flowering, but when the seed pods burst they look spectacular. Any day now, I reckon.

Still waters, revealing lack of birds

Cormorant perch

Stinking Iris, fit to burst

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