Monday, 22 July 2013

Divit edges towards the century

Easterly winds picking up nicely, but still a bit early in the season to get the full benefit. One Arctic Skua (adult, pale phase) was chasing a Common Tern in St.David's Bay. Some Gannets too and Sandwich Tern, which should both be pretty much present for a few months now. No Manxies, disappointingly, and more disappointing no Common Scoter, which have been storming up the East of England last couple of days. They should still come, though.

Also worth a note are a single female Tufted Duck and a single Guillemot.

On the wildflower front there are Tansys coming into flower along the path, as well as some nice Corncockles (?). The Tansys seem to be attended by large numbers of beetles. Maybe they pollinate them.

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