Tuesday, 23 July 2013

We all went down to Montreux ...

Swiss weekend

9 species
Alpine Accentor
Alpine Chough
Citril Finch
Rock Partridge
Black Pecker
Rock Thrush
Eagle Owl

From which I will happily accept 5. I'm not that animated by Eagle Owl, curiously, but Nutcracker is a must. Black Pecker would complete my European Pecker list (but not Western Pally - damn you Levaillant!). I also wouldn't mind too awfully bumping into one of my all time favourites - Pygmy Owl, previously encountered in a Polish trio of Pygmy Owl, Three-toed Pecker and Hazel Grouse. I wouldn't mind bumping into any or all of them, actually.

Wallcreeper would of course be outstanding, but I have trained myself never to expect it. I have my eyes on a nice gorge in Bulgaria for that anyway, unless my local patch in Turkey (Buyukcekmece Quarry) opens up again for winter business.

I feel like the top three are gimmes, and I certainly hope so since the top two are supposed to be "common" at Rochers-de-Naye and the main bird I want to see is Nutcracker. If I haven't seen one in the first two days then there may be some sweating/swearing. Although since it's going to be 35 degrees, that's probably true anyway.

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