Monday, 8 July 2013

Slow weekend

Dropped into Letham Pools Saturday but only Ringed Plovers and Common Sands of note there. Nice to be surrounded by Swifts, though - always a joy.

Loads of starlings in the garden at the weekend since we tipped out a bucket of fatballs that have been lying around for ages. One of them was a bit young to be out and sure enough I found it upturned late on Sunday with its pecs eaten by something - Magpie maybe.

Cycled to work in the fog this morning so nothing to report from that either. I did stick some secateurs in my pocket, though, to clear out the overgrown path I have to cycle through. Bit of a carwash experience if it's been a soggy morning.

Beautiful irridescence

Fatball muncher

Short-lived Starling

Common Sands at Letham Pools

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