Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Business as usual

A very goosey morning today with temperature 6, clear bue skies and a vague WNW whisper of wind. Only 3 Pinkfeet past Inverkeithing in an hour at dawn though, but a flock over Cullaloe afterwards. Last night at Inverkeithing also produced two flocks into the dusk, along with decent Mipits and a few Swallows.I kind of expect Pinks will be passing through all day today.

Albas continue to ramp up, in line with previous years' timings and numbers, while Grey Wags may have gone over the hump, with yesterday's classic release of birds maybe proving to be the year's peak.

Nuthin' fancy
Albas on track
To continue the charty theme I have already recorded more species in September than in any other month and it's only the 18th. September total species is now at 95 and will certainly be the first month of the year I have recorded 100 species in. Even October isn't close.

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