Monday, 30 September 2013

More easterlies ...

Yet more easterlies but stronger now. This time at least some auks came in with it - a few Guillemots and Razorbill, and even a coupe of Puffin. About 500 Gannet also built up over the hour between 7:15 and 8:15. Sunset was spectacular. Birds were ... well, not. Three Kittiwake put in an appearance, and the best of it was 6 Pintail sitting on the river and a further group of 14 Wigeon with another Pintail. Must check Culaloe at lunchtime. Only one Skua (Arctic) - a disappointing showing.

Pintail becomes the 100th species for Inverkeithing in September, and the 82nd in September this year. However, at September end I'm a whole 8 species down on last year at this point, although you can't get Petrels and Sooties every year! Also no LT Skua, no Bean, Barnacle, Brent or Canada Goose, More remarkably no GS Woodpecker (yet). At this point it looks like I won't get close to last year's 126 total.

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