Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Inverkeithing and Cullaloe

Woke early enough finally to get to inverkeithing in time for sunrise, but not a "biggy". Some variable wind meant the usual few backtrackers but it was mostly par for the course. A slight chill suggested geese are on the way, but they didn't come here. One was snagged by Chris further alnog the coast though.

Decided to roll the dice and drop into Cullaloe, which wasn't much shakes in bird terms either. A decent flock of Goldfinch was blogging around and c20 Swallows. A few Mipits overhead, one GL and 2 Curlews south. nothing to write home about. Spent some time looking at plants and trying to key out (unsuccessfully) a small plant which fortunately was flowering. Hopefully I can sort it out later from the flower and see where I went wrong on the vegetative key.

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