Friday, 20 September 2013

Kingfisher at last!

Last year's Inverkeithing Kingfisher was on 5th October. This morning I had 3! first two came out of the harbour area and flew off zigzagging across St.David's Bay. About ten minutes later another went the same way. Shortly afterwards one of them returned to pose briefly on the rocks before scarpering towards the harbour area again. Not enough for a great shot, but enough for a record shot. About time one of the patches got moving though - now if I can just get a KF at Cullaloe that would be great. Missed one a couple of weeks back, sadly. Everybody, I mean everybody, sees Kingfishers at Cullaloe except me. I've seen one in nearly 20 years.

Another nice surprise this morning was a flock of 16 Shags, one of which at least seemed to be wearing a ring.

"What are you doing?"

And the numbers ...

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