Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Miracle at Cullaloe

This morning I headed to Inverkeithing where the open skies and light air contributed not at all to my vismig well-being. There was some movement but much of it was high up and hard to spot, never mind identify. Instead of labouring on I decided to reoll the dice and head for Cullaloe, where I managed, against all expectations, to add a new species to my site list - Whimbrel!

I know at least one has been recorded here before, but not by me, so I was delighted. Even one new species in a year here after watching the site doggedly for 17 years is a result. Add to that a smattering of vismig, a couple of waders and a nice Raven and it made for a pretty good session.

southbound Curlew

Icelandic Godwit

Picturesque Heron


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