Thursday, 10 October 2013

Divit Dreaming

Bright, clear and cold morning this morning was good for geese and quality species, and predictably terrible for catching overflying finch spp.

Got off to a great start with a Little Egret west at 7:25, but only noticed it when directly overhead so pictures are painfully bad as it flew off west.I've been waiting for this species for a while, fairly confident that one day it would come (before it becomes daily, I mean...)

A local Raven flitted about, and later a Kingfisher on the rocks, but also managed to snag my first Divit GS Woodpecker of the year and a record (yes, record) 17 Skylark in two groups. A fine morning.

Typical goose weather

Little Egret - best I could do :(

Swallow - getting close to last?

Local Kingfisher

First GSW at last

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