Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review to September and odd misses

It's October. I haven't seen a Kestrel at Cullaloe (never mind the hoped for Goshawk), nor a Greater Spotted Woodpecker at Inverkeithing. The Woodpecker is no biggie, as it was a big year for them last year and October is when I expect them really. No Kestrel at Cullaloe though?

I also haven't heard a Tawny Owl either, though I didn't try very hard to be honest.

Other misses at Cullaloe are not unexpected tricky species like Tree Pipit, although I missed a Kingfisher by minutes. With the clock ticking it seems my wader list will be very narrow. Although there has generally been something at Cullaloe it has usually been Green Sand or Black-tailed Godwit. This is the time of Jack Snipe arrival, although I expect I will have to be lucky to jam one of those these days. I may make a survey around the reserve to see if there are any alternative locations now their old one has been swamped with Willow.

Inverkeithing finally clocked up a Mistle Thrush recently, although it is way behind the curve of last year's list additions. Missing are several species of goose, both Godwits, two species of duck that were both present but I missed them (Garganey, Scaup) and sadly Long-tailed Skua, for which time is also running out if it hasn't already. Be a shame to miss after catching them two years in a row. There is still potential if something new and interesting shows up, but that's a lot to ask of new and interesting to make up the gap. At this stage in the year 120 might be a decent result. Still, 5 new species have been added to my site list, so all in all no room for complaint. On the other hand I can see at least 20 species I'm still in with a shout for, so you never know.

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