Monday, 7 October 2013

Weekend 4-5 October - a corker!

Started early on Saturday morning with a slightly late alarm and a romp to Carnoustie, arriving to meet Clive in a field not horribly long after sunup. In the next three hours over 10,000 birds went past before I left for home, an even more before Clive did. We didn't even count them all, of course. Numbers are here:

Late afternoon I managed to sneak out again and pick up a Shoveler at Cullaloe, which I thought had got away from me for the year list. Only 14 to go to reach 100, which is still a big ask (more on this later).

Yesterday was a decent morning at Inverkeithing with my morning Alba Wag record, but the actual record was for the evening. Visiting family graciously all headed out leaving about an hour until sundown, so I made the most of it and headed back to the Divit. How glad I am that I did! Wagtails were piling over, with several flocks of 50 or more, and finally the session closed out at 418. If I had started earlier I have no doubt that it would have been higher, as they were constantly passing on my arrival. Still, with 126 in the morning my day total of 546 birds smashed the previous day record of  168 from almost exactly two years ago. Noteworthy is the fact that on the day of the previous record I only managed 16 in the morning!

I even managed to sneak in a new species of plant to the Cullaloe list (Herb Robert, happily flowering away around the moss-covered wall in the depths of the woods)

Some Carnoustie pics:

part of c1200 single wave

Linnet torpedoes

Birds of (nearly) a feather ...

Wigeon tagalongs

Wheatear drop-in
And the "best" from last night's Wagtail rush

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