Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mistle Thrush Madness!

Went out looking for one thing this morning - Mistle Thrushes. After 30 minutes I almost headed up the road to Cullaloe when only 6 had gone past and precious little else. At that moment a flock of 35 went over, which would have made the second highest Inverkeithing count by itself. It made the total a new site record 41. As they kept adding up I started dreaming of 100+ and the last 20 minutes I was hoping for that elusive 9, but they didn't come (while I was still there). Maybe I can top up at lunchtime. You never know, but it's got to be worth a try. It is already the UK record on trektellen as you can see above. The previous UK record from Spurn was over SEVEN hours!

Another stunning moment was when 6 Ravens passed over together. I couldn't believe it until they were calling directly overhead. A late Swallow also put in an appearance.

Then the most controversial moment of the day - a finch heading straight towards me looked a bit odd, and as it went directly overhead I looked up to see what appeared to be a huge metallic grey bill with an enormously wide base.

In the end I decided to submit the record and see what happens. It's bang in the middle of Hawfinch mig time and others were seen further south a bit later


Total counts:

As to the late Swallow, this Campion also seemed to be confused about which season it's in

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