Tuesday, 8 October 2013

If Cullaloe's going to make 100 ...

... what needs to happen? Some of the autumn migrant species are becoming very long odds now (e.g. Spot Fly, Whinchat, early waders), so probably we're looking at missed residents and winter species.

Whooper Swan - fair chance, not < 50/50
An odd goose?  Long shot, but possible
Goldeneye - maybe
Goshawk - prime time has passed, but you never know
Kestrel - surely?
Golden Plover - long shot
Jack Snipe - previously a gimme, will have to search untried areas
A.N.Other wader - had Pec Sand, so pushing my luck, but surely one more? Greenshank?
Kingfisher - the dispersal time ha maybe passed, but you never know
Green Woodpecker - occasional visitor; once again you never know
Redwing - fair chance
Mistle Thrush - fair chance
Waxwing - long shot
Tree sparrow - sure, why not?
Brambling - long shot

There's 15 and I need 14. I would bet I'm not going to make it. 95 would be a good result.

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