Thursday, 4 April 2013

Merlin Drive Mig

Cycling to work on a beautiful morning, 07:10-08:45. Moving birds in short supply at Hill of Beath but some better movement in south Dunfermline overlooking the Forth. Might try to arrive here earlier next time.

Added Curlew and Black-headed Gull to my NT1489 list and a Pied Wag to my NT1389 list at Hill of Beath. At Duloch Park, Dunfermline there was a singing Meadow Pipit and a flyover Pied Wag, with list additions of Tufted Duck and GBB Gull, before I moved on to the SE of the town - Merlin Drive to be precise. First off as I arrived on site I saw five Mipits skimming the rooftops - a good sign! By this time I only had 15 minutes before work duty called but during that time I had another couple of Mipits, 3 Chaffinch and a Curlew north. The first Chaffinch I could see coming from about half a kilometre (reviewing the map, maybe a kilometre!) because of the way the light was across the landscape. This could prove quite a productive spot in the weeks ahead. It's not a bad showing for the middle of nowhere as it is. Not so great for autumn maybe (as if I'm not going to be at Inverkeithing in autumn!)

The rocket

Hound Point and the Lothians

Commuters and the Forth Road Bridge

Singing Skylark and Edinburgh Castle

The Lothian Alps

Rosyth - Aircraft Carrier crane

Northbound Curlew

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