Friday, 5 April 2013

More cold

Another chilly morning. Decided to go by bike despite some cloud maybe showing potential for a tricky ride home later. Nothing obvious by way of movement across Hill of Beath. Pochard back on Keirsbeath pond. Skipped Duloch Park in order to spend more time at Merlin Drive. 8:05-8:35 Merlin Drive produced only 6 Mipit, 2 Pied Wag (one of which feeding beside pond), 1 Chaffinch and 1 Curlew.Quite a few Feral Pigeon went north. They seem to move a lot, both here and at Inverkeithing. Not sure if these are migratory movements or diurnal feeding trips or whatever, but I had once assumed that they were quite sedentary which I'm not so sure about now.

Added Heron (feeding) and Cormorant (flyover) to the list for the pond/square.Sad I left the camera at home as the Heron caught a frog and would have made for some interesting shots. Other than that it was a good call though.

Not sure anything would have tempted me to go further north today.

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