Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Q1 Review

Well, one quarter of the year has passed. Scary. All three patches are running at about 60% of target, albeit Hill of Beath's is a revised target (upward, thankfully!). Cullaloe managed to throw Mistle Thrush on the pile on Easter Monday, bringing it more in line with the other two.

Since the first week in January when Cullaloe delivered unexpected Dipper and Merlin it has been slow going, with long staying Pochards the only real surprise. Passing the first quarter of the year without Snipe or Jack Snipe has become less of a surprise, but a shame nonetheless.

Inverkeithing managed to trundle along without much of anything special until the big day, when Puffin, Slavonian Grebe and Grey Phalarope all showed up, so it has effectively the same number of bonus birds for Q1 as last year (I think). Last year I only recorded one LT Duck and this year that one is in the bag already, so that's nice to have.

Hill of Beath has been the biggest surprise of all. Having not investigated the area near my house very thoroughly, I have been pleasantly surprised to have already over 60 species on the clock before the first warbler, and look forward to more surprises during the remaining 9 months.

So, Cullaloe 58 species and 58%, Inverkeithing 77 species and 62% and Hill of Beath 63 species and 63%

Hopefully I can see a bit more of spring arrival, and a bit more of spring, before I head off to work on my Turkish list at the end of the month

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