Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday

Inverkeithing for an hour(ish) from 7 saw little return by way of vismig. Slav Grebe still hanging around and starting to develop breeding plumage. RT Diver in the harbour, and a moribund looking Guillemot.  A few more Linnets made their way north and there were a good handful of Pied Wags around too. LBB Gulls by twos were spread out over the demolished Paper Mill area.

Dropping into Cullaloe to get its April list underway there was a bit more obvious sign of movement although still low key. Amongst the travellers were a couple of Mistle Thrush, lifting the year list ever closer to 60 (58 now).

Still not a sniff of a Chiffchaf or Sand Martin, perhaps unsurprisingly as the temperature remained resolutely freezing.

Cullaloe ...

Hybrid Hoodie in the surrounding fields

Done Fishin'

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