Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 Most Wanted

Not for my local patch list - just birds I want to see (and have a shot at) this year. The first, Spotted Nutcracker, I've loved since I saw it in Birds of Europe. The second, Wallcreeper, hardly needs an explanation but I find myself with two bites at it this year. An occasional winter visitor to my Turkish local patch and a brreder in the Swiss Alps. Either way, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria - I will find you! And third, Black Woodpecker. Thanks to an amazing trip to Poland a few years back I find myself "needing" only this European Woodpecker to complete the set. Thought I saw one once moving between trees, but in the end the view wasn't good enough. It's another bird that could be found in Switzerland or Turkey. Actually strictly speaking you can also find Nutcrackers in Turkey in irruption years, but my chances are slim to none.

A "gimme" in the Swiss Alps?

Two shots at this - Turkey in Jan and Switzerland in July

Last European Woodpecker to get - the Black

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