Saturday, 5 January 2013

Inverkeithing and Cullaloe

Third visit of the year to Inverkeithing produced some good additions to the list - Raven and Peregrine amongst the five species added. Virtually guaranteed for the year list anyway, but nice to get them under my belt. Total 47, 37% of 125 target

Second visit of the year to Cullaloe added Mute Swan and Merlin (definite bonus bird). Total 29, 29% of 100 target. Only my second Merlin here.

Merlin south over Cullaloe

Merlin south over Cullaloe
 And some more prosaic fare ...

Mute Swans, born here last year?

Tuft numbers increasing, 6 each male and female now
These owl pellets under the pines seem to be Tawny's - a local breeder

Owl Pellets
identifying owl pellets

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