Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bits and Pieces

Doesn't everybody who goes to Istanbul want to see these? Fortunately they're quite easy

Laughing Dove at Pierre Loti
At Uzunhizirli Lake in Gallipoli a Red-crested Pochard provided the "tick" but this Pelican provided the drama

Uzunhizirli White Pelican
Near Eceabat a flock of Starling several thousand strong provided a late snack for a handful of raptors

some of c.5000 Starling
Sparrowhawk approach
Spot the Buzzard - one of four
Peregrine a welcome Turkish list addition
Common Buzzards were a regular feature throughout, and even in the marshes on the Greek border outnumbered Harriers 4:1

Winter Raptor #1
A Kestrel hunting at Enez on the Greek border and under the shadow of the huge and impressive Samothrace

Kestrel at Enez

Enez Lagoon and Samothrace

Still plenty more good birds and places to feature now I'm back to the cold and snow. Patches, here I come :)

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