Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wallcreeper down and out

up before the imam, dawn skyline

15 minutes into day One and the quarry has started working again. Result? Wader pool filled in and the road into the quarry blocked by huge piles of rubble (on purpose. to close the road). So Wallcreeper is off the list. The former wonderpools of Snipe and Green Sand now look lıke thıs:

my beautiful wader pool, and former quarry entrance

Still. banged in an early Kingfisher. one Green Sand and 30-oddPygmy Cormorant.followed by a rıngtail Hen Harrier. Not to mention a fıne Great Egret

Pygmy Cormorants - a "gimme"

Hen Harrier

Great Egret not impressed with yours truly

On to patch number two for the bıg score of the day. First up were 73 Whooper Swan, followed by 4 White-headed Duck (sadly too far out for pictures)

First Turkey tick of the week, 73 Whoopers

Water level pretty hıh everywhere for decent waders, though İ have a spot for tomorrow. Third patch produced a nice male Marsh Harrier though

Another "gimme" - Marsh Harrier

Mornıng rounded off with some Black-necked Grebes and an attempt at Laughing Dove,but surprisingly none around the harbour. Black-necked Grebes not hard to come by, as you can see.

One of the commonest species on the lake

BN Grebes in the harbour and an unfortunate boat

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