Monday, 14 January 2013

Patch tally so far

So after another weekend passes what are "the scores on the doors"?

Cullaloe - 34 species, 34% of target, 35 pts

Inverkeithing - 55 species, 44% of target, 59 pts

Hill of Beath - 43 species, 61% of target, 45 pts

Seems like Cullaloe is way behind, but it already has two bonus birds. It will pick up the regulars along the way. Inverkeithing is about in line with last year, with absolutely no bonus birds whatsoever, while Hill of Beath probably needs a new target having already done rather well and having scooped Waxwing at the weekend along with the more expected Woodcock. I'm now hoping for more like 80-something species realistically, but with any sort of vismig at all it could even make 100.

It was nice to get those Waxwings, but who could argue that these fine chaps aren't just as dashing:

Back garden exotica

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