Friday, 11 January 2013

Have I missed National Fly Tipping Day?

First the good part - two more ticks for the Divit - an expected Song Thrush and a less expected Grey Wagtail, taking the tally to 55 species and 44% of target

You wait for one for ages and then ...

Commuting crows - one with breakfast

On the down side this site has ramped up its bid for promotion from fly tipping hotspot to actual landfill site. Some highlights:

Oldies but goodies - rusty white goods flotsam

This is new - bed skeleton

A fish tank and clothes

And just what we've been missing - a microwave!

And damn - I totally forgot to photograph the couch and armchair. I am now contemplating organising these objects into an actual living area. Maybe I can invite the local Councillor for tea.

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