Monday, 7 January 2013

Patch-watch, first week

One week in, mostly in line with expectations, but a few surprises.  No site visits yet without adding a "tick" - wonder when that will come.

Inverkeithing - no LBB Gull, no RT Diver (yet). Will probably exceed last year's January total of 51, in part by diversifying my efforts in terms of location within the patch.

Cullaloe - delivered two bonus birds in two visits: Dipper and Merlin. Both species I have only recorded once here before, and the previous Merlin came with a fall of 100s of Mipits.

Hill of Beath - no major surprises, but outperforming expectations - see percentages. No Woodcock (yet). See Inverkeithing in terms of diversifying effort. Despite being closest to home (including my house) hasn't been subject to close scrutiny until now, and may prove a winner. I am now half expecting at least one serious surprise during 2012. Going well for an inland site with no serious water body, and since starting to look better the site list has jumped by about 10 species, including Bean Goose!

Inverkeithing, target 125 species, current 47, 38%

Cullaloe, target 100 species, current 29, 29%

Hill of Beath, target 70 species, current 39, 56%

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