Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rallus aquaticus

Made the slow journey to work by bike this morning thanks to a general thaw. It's a 6 mile cycle which I take 1.5 hours to do rather than the 20-ish minutes it would take if I wasn't birding.

In glorious sunshine mostly saw and heard the usual suspects. A flock of Fieldfare at the end of Netherfield Road in Halbeath was the first "curiosity", although there have been Fieldfare around this area most of the winter. The pond at Keirsbeath was frozen over, cutting the species list for here drastically.

Moving on towards Duloch Park in Dunfermline and the pond there was almost entirely frozen over too. Didn't stop a nice bag of goodies from being counted though, with Moorhen and Coot out in the open walking around and a couple of Water Rail screaming at each other from either side of the pond. Sadly no views were to be had, but I'm happy with that anyway.

Not much to be had by way of migrants in the skies, although a couple of suspect high Greenfinch could have been candidates.

No camera today due to carrying shoes in my bag, so here's a nice Common Gull from yesterday:

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