Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sex and Violence

Another Moorhen at Divit harbour this morning and a few goldfinch over north in a delicate snowfall. Three breeding plumaged (or near) Great Crested Grebes still around as with one Little Grebe. Shelducks in the channel from the burn were nuzzling up and the males (presumably) squaring off. Hopefully will be seeing them at Cullaloe shortly, although I only have recorded successful breeding there once - doesn't mean they're not annual. Just that I only saw it once. LBB Gull numbers continue to trickle upwards (17). Herring Gulls were also making googly eyes at each other.

Nice view to the outer Forth

Pretty windless

These won't be around here for much longer

Is that one on the right a wee bit dark? Hmm ...

Hello bayyyyyyby


You never fought like that over me!

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