Friday, 22 March 2013

Warm and cosy

That's what it was in my bed this morning. Shame to spoil it by going outside. Horrible, icy wind and no chance of seriously going birding.

Managed to drop into Cullaloe LNR on the way home from work last night, where there appeared to have been a "fall" of Song Thrush.There were 13 at least feeding in muddy pasture with a couple of Blackbirds, and others in the trees. At least one of them looked to be extremely bright white underneath. No idea yet whether is of any significance, but I did fail in an epic way to get a photo as it bolted before I could get focus.Only ecollection I have is of darker Song Thrushes rather than lighter, and the chocolate Hebridean ones.

Yesterday saw the first inverkeithing addition in a month, while this Cullaloe visit cemented a whole month without a new addition (while some notable absentees remain obstinately absent).

Lunchtime Hill of Beath, with its famous hawthorn

Thrush cafe

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