Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sawbill Sunrise

Beautiful morning in the Divit this morning, with a hint of mist and the sun pushing its way through. The first LT Tits of the year made their way along the coast, a bit later than last year, and a pair of Linnets appeared as if from nowhere with no sign of any movement more than themselves - maybe they're late in coming too. Biggest surprise of the day though goes to two unexpected Goosander females which showed up in the harbour. One day it will be a Smew, I swear, but for today they will do just fine :)

(damn Smew's at Lochgelly - redhead, for anyone who's interested)


First of the year here

Fighting its way through

Shaggy arc

Got any crumbs you can spare?


Double vision

Sawbill scarper

Psychedelic Goldeneye (turqoise boat reflection)

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