Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tracks and signs

Lot of ice covering the surface at Cullaloe this morning.

Nothing obviously moving up above, but some interesting stuff going on the ground. All of these are from one small area of path.




Mystery small mammal?

One thing I've gained over the last couple of months of patch watching is a love of Coots. I never really paid attention to them before. They were background noise - easy to identify and move onto the next thing. But it's been interesting to watch them fight and pairs are quite romantic. This sounds a bit anthropomorphic, but that's to deeply misunderstand the situation. Coots are animals. We are animals. Coots have mating behaviour. We have mating behaviour. We each re-inforce pair bonds by means at our disposal. This morning one bird (female?) approached another and seemed clearly to be a pair. The first bird then bowed its head to the second and waited in that position until the second (male?) preened it. It was interesting to watch. I'm not sure I want to take any tips from them in child-rearing, mind you!

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