Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Back to the (cold) front

Arrived back from Turkey yesterday. Added 11 new species to my Turkey list, including two lifers. Dropped into Cullaloe and Inverkeithing this morning to find nothing much has changed. Couple of Sedge Warblers in at Cullaloe and some Common Tern at Inverkeithing provided the only evidence of the emergence of summer.

Rather than drip-feed Turkey photos etc I have decided to create an actual report, which could take a day or two. At least I've managed to cut down some of the >1000 photos.

Cullaloe + Sedge Warbler => 70 species, 70%
Inverkeithing = Common Tern => 85 species, 68%

OK, one image - Lesser Spotted Eagle with snake for lunch at Kavak Delta

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