Thursday, 30 May 2013

Istanbuls's Third Bosphorus Bridge - Hooray :(

Will be named after Yavuz Sultan Selim

Built between the lovely quiet town of Poyraz where you can enjoy the nice fish restaurants and watch migrating raptors and Garipçe district, one of Istanbul's foremost raptor migration watchpoints it's fitting that it will be named after a man whose nickname was "Selim the Grim"

Çamlıca hills seem not to be hurt by the existence of the Bosphorus Bridge (the name of the 1st one), but the forestry that will be lost to this and the new airport is just depressing.

Oh god - I have just discovered they are planning to build a huge mosque on Çamlica hill. Just when I thought I couldn't get any more down about turkey's prospects.

“Even though we didn’t have the chance to meet face to face with our esteemed Prime Minister, we were informed that he wanted the project we prepared in a modern way to bear more classical elements,” Alp (project leader) said.

As if Erdogan needed encouragement to emulate his heroes Stalin and Kim Yong Il

Sorry - watch you don't step in that puddle of sick ...

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