Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cullaloe + Garden Warbler

As predicted, Cullaloe picks up Garden Warbler, with at least one and possibly 3 singing males. Unseen birds could possibly have been Blackcaps, but due to sudden singing from new locations I suspect Garden Warblers. one of the benefits of knowing a patch (and doing a breeding survey previously) is that you get an idea of where species are likely to show up, and this morning was no exception. After some stalking, but not as much as it could be with these two, I managed to track one down for confirmation.

I also noticed that I must have missed a Cygnet tucked in behind a parent previously, and there are in fact 6 of them.

Garden Warbler, charming but subtle
Proud parents
Recently emerged tadpoles
Song Thrush not wanting to be outdone for sound

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