Friday, 24 May 2013

Inverkeithing Kittiwakes

Woke late because the weather forecast looked bad. Looked bright enough through the blonds, but very overcast and quite strong easterly winds. not bad if you're heading for the East Neuk, but not the best for inland Fife. Still, it did seem to blow in a flock of Kittiwakes at Inverkeithing. Before I got there though a Tree Pipit flew north over Stone Marine's yard and off over the ridge as I walked along the coastal path.

I spotted a Mute Swan heading north from the bridge area and it seemed to touch down at Cruicks Quarry before re-emerging and passing over my head on its way north.

A few (3) Curlews were in the harbour, refusing to even pretend to be Whimbrel even for a moment, so that was it for Inverkeithing.

A brief stop at Merlin Drive allowed me to take some bad record shots of a Tree Sparrow foraging, and last night a group of four Swifts was screaming around Dalbeath Marsh LNR. Tough birds to photograph, Swifts. Still couldn't bag a Sand Martin though.

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