Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Uneventful Day

Nothing much going on this morning, and nothing much going on this lunchtime at Inverkeithing.

Wandered a path along the edge of the fields north of Prestonhill Quarry, where the rapeseed is beginning to flower. No Sedge Warblers, and no Pheasants on the other fields either. And to complete the unholy Trinity no Skylarks. C'est la vie. Maybe I'll pick up something interesting on the way home.

I could use a House Martin or a Swift at Cullaloe, and shortly a Garden Warbler. Still posted missing also are Kestrel, Raven, Goshawk, and I haven't tried to get Tawny Owl, so some scope there.

I could use any of the formerly mentioned trinity at Inverkeithing (although Skylark will come over in autumn anyway), and a return of last year's Cuckoo would be nice, although I don't expect it.It's getting to the stage where the next species will be something unexpected. Maybe the first northbound Canada Geese.

As for Hill of Beath, well who knows! The fields are preparing themselves for Quail (I wish). As it stands there are only 8 species on my HOB life list that I haven't seen this year, and I'm not anticipating Bean Geese any time soon. I do still have Tawny Owl to play as a joker, which if the weather remains nice I should do shortly. Maybe I'll go for them at Hill of Beath and Cullaloe on the same day.

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