Friday, 17 May 2013

Whitethroats, House Martins, Wheatears & Tree Sparrows

Beautiful weather this morning and I took advantage by having a quick session at Dalbeath Marsh LNR before cycling to work.

House Martins were in every square, more or less, this morning while Whitethroats are also now singing seemingly from every bush. A pair of Reed Bunting showed well as I walked back to the car.

Cycling down Netherbeath Rd continued the theme of House Martins and Whitethroats although there was no sign of the Grasshopper Warbler that was reeling last week.

Dropping into Duloch Park, Dunfermline the first time since spring allowed me to easily add House MartinSedge Warbler and Willow Warbler to my site list, while at least three male Reed Bunting were out in the open. The place was a riot of bird sounds with especially Sedge Warblers chattering madly.

On then to the last stop on the line at Merlin Drive and Tree Sparrows were first to meet the ear. Four or five were dodging about the edge of the pond and one on the muddy fringe in front of me was gathering a beak full of food before heading off towards some farm buildings. Interesting that they must have been in the area the whole time and I didn't notice them until this week.

After a Wheatear at the northwest corner of HOB yesterday lunchtime there were two here today. A very nice surprise. A House Martin, two Swallows and a lone Swift were scooping up water from the surface. It seems that spring is finally here!


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