Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekend - HOB + House Martin

My first patch House Martin of the year during BBS count on Sunday morning takes HOB two species clear of Cullaloe, having trailed before my holiday to Turkey. A remarkable turnaround, although Cullaloe still should easily recover all but Wheatear.

Bulletin board reports from Turkey of storming mig of Lesser Spotted Eagles, Black Kites, Osprey, Honey Buzzard, Stork, Imperial Eagle .... not helping my adjustment to 4 degrees and rain!

Looking at last year's Inverkeithing "species accumulation" chart on Birdtrack shows that, as expected, a few more species ought to be added as summer movers come in and then a long hiatus before Autumn movement gets under way. Last year I logged no new species at Inverkeithing between July 2 and Aug 12. Still a few more to come in yet though!

70% at May 12th
80% at Sep 1st
90% at Sep 27th

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