Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bicycle bonus

Took the bike to work this morning to give Hill of Beath a shot at catching up with Cullaloe. Well, it really took its chance! A reeling Grasshopper Warbler confirmed my hopes that they bred on the hill and while I was stopped a Whitethroat sang. Peering into the bushes I was sure that it was reeling from the other side, so I didn't see it. While I was looking three Tree Sparrows headed north over my head - a remarkable 5 minutes

Been thinking about the January Footit challenge ( and what could be accomplished by bicycle and this really was a good example.It isn't even possible to drive on this road as the gates are locked typically.

Further along my way to work there was a Sedge Warbler in a drainage pond in Dunfermline, another Whitethroat and, interestingly, two more Tree Sparrows.

No doubt Cullaloe also has reeling Gropper by now - the challenge there is I want to photograph one!

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