Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bizarre Wildflower Coincidence

As I was meandering around the Divit this morning I was noticing more wildflowers which I am increasingly curious about. I was idly recalling that someone (Bill Oddie?) mentioned a plant called Viper's Bugloss. What a fantastic name! I resolved to find out what such a thing looked like and where they were. South of England, probably, I thought. Will there be a day when I travel to see a flower? Well, I'm not ruling anything out.

When I got into the office, after doing some work (by which I mean entering records on Birdtrack), I Googled the aforementioned plant. Imagine my surprise to realise that five minutes before these idle musings I had taken this mobile phone picture:

If this isn't Viper's Bugloss, then it's very much like it! Did I know somewhere subconsciously? Was it rattling around my brain? Anyway, I have loved these flowers when they appear each year. If, as it appears, they turn out to be Viper's Bugloss I will be very happy indeed :)

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