Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Spoonbill at last!

What an odd week it has been, and it's only Tuesday morning. Temminck's Stint showing up on Sunday was a good way to break the doldrums of this June, and yesterday saw a RT Diver at Inverkeithing, as well as a few BH Gull trying to make the species list for the month look a bit more respectable.

I had been making a list of birds I thought were within reason to expect to add to my Fife list and then one of them shows up the next day. Sadly the next (Honey Buzzard) isn't expected for a month or three, but if I could be bothered I actually could go and get Quail this evening, as the first report (I've heard) came in this morning. I am holding out for a patch one though, and I have always resisted driving into the East Neuk just to hear a Quail. although it's clear I do have a thing for lists I still like to believe that I'm not completely driven by them.

This morning saw me pass the 7000 records for Fife threshold (and yes, 323 complete lists) on Birdtrack, so a target of 10k I set myself at the start of the year now looks quite small. Maybe I hadn't anticipated having to chop up HOB into OS squares to make sensible lists at the time, but actually I quite like the pseudo-atlas-y feel of it and mapping avian diversity around my home territory.

Anyway, this is the week of distant Fife tick shots, so here they are

And the list from Sunday night - one down!

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