Sunday, 23 June 2013

Temminck's at last!

Left the patch to join the locals up by Letham Pools this morning at a nicely showing Temminck's Stint (found by G.Sparshott). I thought that most of the older guys in the county would have this species on their Fife list but it turned out it was a blocker for many, including the owner of Fife's biggest list. Mercifully the bird chose to meander around the edges feeding and then even briefly taking a nap out in the open. It wasn't even that far away, although it seemed that way since they are so very small, being dwarfed even by passing Pied Wags.

Finding my best picture of it is hard - since they are all terrible! They don't even qualify as record shots.

It was worth the off-patch nosebleed for my second Fife tick of the year though.

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