Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Question of the day - to wet my lips or not

1) There's a Quail at Kilmany
2) I haven't seen/heard Quail in Fife
3) I will only hear it, but I can count that (and Quail are not exactly lookers anyway)
4) It will take probably 45 minutes to get there
5) My wife is away today, so it wouldn't impact her if I went

Number 5 is quite significant, as it gives me free time (for clarity my missus is uber-patient and generous, often going with me on "expeditions" despite a complete lack of interest - I just wouldn't diminish that by heading off for three birds in one week). However, given a free evening which would impact nobody else negatively do I want to drive for 1.5 hours to listen to a Quail?

Actually no - I don't. I'd rather use the entire evening try to find my own and fail. That's that settled then. I thought it would be harder.

Now I wonder if in a reasonable radius there is another Letham Pools? That's only 20 minutes away but I don't like going to places where everybody goes.

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